Date: 2 & 3 May 2020

Area of conduct: Agioi Apostoloi Park, Chania

Area’s type: Circular (potential change for Bicycle race only)

Adults’ Distances

  • Olympic1,5 swimming, 40 biking, 10 running
  • Sprint: 750 swimming, 20 biking, 5 running
  • Paratriathlon sprint: 750 swimming, 20 biking, 5 running
  • Relay: 1,5 swimming, 40 biking, 10 running
  • Relay: 750 swimming, 20 biking, 5 running

Team Events- Relays

The Relay event is conducted by two or three athletes, by the same or different gender.

If will be necessary, the Organizing Committee could change the notice or the routes. In the case of changes, the participants will be informed.


Eligible for participation are athletes who have completed their 15th year of age and are fit physically and mentally to compete.

The completion and signed off of the respective competition documents (Registration form – Affirmation form) is mandatory.

For competitors younger than 18 years oldthe affirmation form by their parent or guardian is also mandatory to be submitted with the registration form of the underaged participant.

All athletes who will participate must have conducted their medical examination prior to their arrival for the competition and submit the doctor’s affirmation form. This condition is mandatory as the verification for the health status of the athletes is a precondition for their participation in training and competition sessions.

The organizer has no responsibility at all related to the health status of the participating athletes.

Registrations can be submitted online on Chaniathlon website www.chaniathlon.com as well as at the Secretary station on the competition day and the day before.


Men (<40, >41, >61)

Women (<45, >46)

Persons with a Disability

Relay (men, women or mixed up to 3 participants/team)


Onlive registrations deadline: 25 April 2020

On site registrations deadline: 2 May

Technical Meeting for Athletes & Escorts:

2 May 2020 (place & time TBA)

3 May 2020 45′ before the race start

It is mandatoryfor all participants to attend both meetings

Control & Marking: 60′-45′ before the race at the start point

Start Time: 09:00


Swim: East or west bay at Agioi Apostoloi area (pending on weather). 750 m triangle

Bike: From big parking area at Agioi Apostoloi, to Ag Apostoloi traffic lights to Kladisos bridge, Chrisi Akti traffic lights, and back to big parking area at Agioi Apostoloi. Race length 6.000m

Run:From big parking area at Agioi Apostoloi to Ag Apostoloi church, and back Agioi Apostoloi traffic lights and back to big parking area at Agioi Apostoloi. Race length 2.500m


  • Bag
  • Swim cup
  • T-shirt
  • Cup
  • Time chip
  • Handmade Medal
  • Diploma
  • Bib number
  • Bike/Helmet stickers for Biking
  • Photos of the Race

Please note that your participation is not guaranteed until you receive an official confirmation in writting from the Organizing Committee. Also please mind that the payment of the participation fee for the package that you are interested in (eg. early) must be completed within the respective period. Otherwise your participation fee is automaticly  updated to the next level of participation fee.

Cancellation is possible any time. The refund of the registration fee is 100% before 3rd of April and 50% after this date.


tel/fax: +3028210-31963,

mob.: +306974100154,

email: chaniathlon@gmail.com